The MOST Important Asset In Your Business.

Your Small Business Secret Weapon

The MOST Important Asset In Your Business.

As a small business owner you wear many hats. You’re the owner/operator, bookkeeper, executive assistant and sometimes also the janitor.

But what you may not know is there is (or should be) an asset in your business that will not only save you time and money, but help to convert more customers, and increase revenues.

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A Secret Asset To Grow Your Airdrie Small Business

What many small businesses in Airdrie don’t realize is that they can have a secret weapon virtual employee in their business working 24/7, bringing in new customers while they sleep and increasing overall revenues. Our Samurai websites are based on over a decade of digital marketing research. Here is how it works:

1.      Our websites bring in leads while you sleep.

2.      Our websites increase overall revenues.

3.      Our websites save you time and money.

Airdrie Web Design Will Change The Way You Do Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and have a new prospective customer ready to engage with you and your business? Our samurai websites are packed with search engine optimization (SEO) keywords that allow you to be found by people who are looking for your Airdrie small business. Over 90% of our clients are on page one of Google for more than ten key words. That means your SEO strategy is rock solid.


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Your 24/7 virtual employee has your back dropping valuable information and content on leads and customers, sharing newsletter blasts with sales, deals and events and autoresponders from your website contact forms. This is all part of our Sales Acceleration platform- built right in to your website.

Imagine being able to make changes to your website without web developer intervention. Imagine drip and drop editors similar to editing a Word document. Imagine not having to worry about website performance, broken pages and links, malware and updates because your website is updated automatically though crowdsource maintenance. Now you can. This will not only change your business, but also your life.

Your Website and SEO Strategy From Research. No Guessing Games Here.

Best of all our Samurai websites are built based on hundreds of thousands of dollars of marketing and research. They are not only designed to deliver page 1 of Google, but also to convert more prospective customers than ever before.


Q: Do I really need a website with autoresponders and email marketing built in?

A: Yes and Yes! People do business with small businesses that they know like and trust. It can take anywhere from 7-10 touch points with a prospective client before they decide to do business with you. Let your website do the work for you.


Q: I have a lot of referrals and word of mouth leads coming into my business. Do I really need to worry about showing up on Google?

A: Although referrals and word of mouth leads are an incredible thing to have in your Airdrie small business they alone are NOT a business plan; You cannot depend solely on referrals. Although you may be operating at capacity right now, or not feeling like you need/want more leads coming into your business, wouldn’t it be nice to know that when/if you are ready you will have a website that is primed and Google ready? That is what our Airdrie Web Design company can do for you.


Q: What exactly is the deal with malware, and website performance? Are those things I really need to be concerned about?

A: Our Airdrie Web Design company started more than a decade ago out of frustration with ‘web developers’ holding domain information hostage, sending large bills for website maintenance, and refusing to make updates, or disappearing all together. We knew that small businesses in Airdrie and surround area needed better options for their websites. We keep your website updated for you and you will never get unexpected bills from us.

Who We Are

Who We Are

StyleLabs is a Digital Marketing company that specializes in Website Design, SEO and Digital Strategy. With a strong background in Market Research combined with our cutting edge technology we've been able to rank over 90% of our clients on the 1st page of Google for over 10 keywords. Serving Small Businesses in Airdrie, AB and surrounding areas for over a decade.

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At StyleLabs our team has the experience, the resources and the passion to help you and your business get the edge it deserves. Contact our team today to book your free consultation! You can reach out to our team by filling out our contact form below or calling us directly at (587) 880-3358 , or by filling out a Know My Prospect form to jump ahead of the line.

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