Google Reviews: The Airdrie Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

Google Reviews Can Be A Pain To Get.

How We Fixed This Problem For Small Business Owners.

Google Reviews: The Airdrie Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

Google reviews are one of the most important components in soldifying a prospects decision to work with a business.  What business owners don't realize is that they are also just as important for search engine optimization (organic rankings) and local search visibility (local three pack).  Did you know that positive Google Reviews can help increase customer spending by up to 31%? That businesses reported the ability to raise their prices by up to 11% with a one point increase? That 92% of buyers reported trusting businesses with positive Google Reviews more?  Reviews are thoroughly screened and moderated and have achieved the same level of efficacy (if not higher) as word of mouth.  In this article, we discuss the importance of Google Reviews to small businesses and why this is no longer a "nice to have".  

Google Review Growth and Management: A Critical Business and Marketing Function

The ultimate goal of a business is to help customers, drive revenue and grow its customer base. There are many paths to achieving these objectives.  More times than not, it can be slow and iterative. But, what if it could happened quicker? What if results could be compounded? What if there was an accelerant?   Google My Business and Google Reviews in this day and age have taken the place of Yellow Pages and Word of Mouth from the past.  Customers are savvier and don't trust the highest bidder with the biggest ad in the Big Yellow Book! In addition, although word of mouth carries some weight, unfiltered, vetted and verified reviews from many customers presents social proof that offers prospects perspective and greater confidence in the decision making process.  Every business should be investing in the growth and management of their Google Reviews for the purpose of Search Engine OptimizationLocal Visibility and Overall Conversion. 

Google Reviews - The Best Salesperson an Airdrie Business Can Ask For!

Google Reviews are tough.  Everyone wants to leave a bad one, but getting a good review can be like pulling teeth.  Many businesses have reported that it's too difficult, awkward or just not worth it.  Respectfully, we disagree.   

STATS Don't Lie

  • 91% of consumers 18-34 year olds trust Google Reviews more than word of mouth?
  • 93% of consumers in all age groups reported that Google Reviews influenced their purchasing decision?
  • 94% of consumers indicated that a Google review convinced them to avoid a business. 

Quality, Quantity, Consistency

It is critical that you control the narrative with volume and frequency.  By making reputation management an ongoing part of your marketing function, you can minimize edge cases / poor reviews through volume and leverage feedback to improve, innovate and repair deficiencies in your offering.  Although many consumers post to Google to offer legitimate feedback / accounts of their experience with a business, some consumers also leverage it as a negotiating tool and try holding businesses hostage.  The higher the volume of (positive) reviews, the lower the impact of a single poor submission. 

More Reviews Can Mean Better Rankings

An optimized Google My Business profile coupled with lots of positive Google Reviews does drive higher search listings both in the organic and local pack.  Check out what Moz said when they were asked this question:

"The short answer is yes, Google Reviews do help improve search rankings and overall SEO efforts. While there are a lot of factors involved in search rankings, online customer reviews can be a strong signal to search engines that communicates trustworthiness and authority. In an era in which competition has gotten tougher for small businesses on the web, managing online reviews is a way to differentiate your business and raise your visibility in the search results." source 

Every Business in Airdrie Needs Google Review Automation

Google Reviews aren't going away.  They are connected to your site, your search and even your maps.  They reinforce authority and help customers make decisions while hedging the risk of the unknown.  Businesses that decide to invest in Reputation Management Technology like Silent Salesman and process for driving and managing Google reviews will see better rankings, warmer leads, better conversions, less price sensitivity and more organic growth.  Because you want to help.  That's why you're in business.  You want to drive revenue. And... want to grow. 

In 2018 StyleLabs acquired the Silent Salesman technology because we wanted to find an affordable way to help the "little guy / gal" do big things.  Silent Salesman is a actioned packed technology that helps drive Google Reviews, Manage and Respond, Blast out Emails, Nurture Leads and SO MUCH More!  Check out the whole toolbox here and contact us ANYTIME via text or phone with questions or feedback!   


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I get a bad Review?

A: Having a bad review actually humanizes you and your company. Most potential clients look for the how you respond to the controversial comment. Your best bet to negate the impact of negative reviews is to drive many good ones. They will speak for you.

Q: What if my clients don't have Google accounts?

A: If they don't have a Google account they will be prompted to leave a Facebook review. If they do not have Facebook account either your Samurai website will catch the positive review for you.

Q: What if they client doesn't fill out the review when I send it to them?

A: They will be sent an automated reminder 24 hours later.

Q: How do Google Reviews influence my organic search rankings?

A: Positive Google reviews expand the search radius that you can be found in by prospective customers. This is a great way to reach more people than ever before and something we focus on incorporating into our client's Digital Strategy.

Who We Are

Who We Are

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