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With so many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems out there, Salesforce, Hubspot and Asana, we knew the CRM space was extremely competitive. We also knew that we had research on our side prior to launching  Silentsalesman 2.0.

Studies found that over 75 % of subjects that were interviewed (who used a CRM) were dissatisfied with their existing platform, citing complexity, user experience issues and inapplicability to their particular business. A shocking 92 % said they would convert to our technology upon it being presented. Enter Silentsaleman 2.0!

Why Choose Silentsalesman? What Makes Us Special?

We Nurture Leads:  You've done the work and now there is a lead at your doorstep. Did you know that businesses reported losing nearly 40% of potential clients due to poor follow up. What if we could change that? What if a quick wizard on your mobile device:

          • sent a well designed email to your prospect.
          • activated a scheduled drip email campaign.
          • activated a re-targeting campaigned that "nudged" top of mind awareness through Facebook, LinkedIN & Google.

We Create Conversions: Reviews are important. In fact, if you don't have a good online reputation, you are likely haemorrhaging 95-98% of your potential clients. Now that we've got that covered, what now? After surveying over 1000 Small Business owners, we developed a system to reverse engineer every Entrepreneurial pain point and convert it into a sales or satisfaction opportunity. The outcome? A Sale or a Referral.

We Streamline Operations: Fulfillment is just as important (if not more) than customer acquisition. The key to building trust and growing relationships is communicating clearly, delivering on your promises, offering continued value and staying plugged in. Our platforms CRM includes (but is
not limited to):

          • Email Marketing & Drips
          • Review and Reputation Management System
          • Lead Generation & Management
          • 2 Way SMS (text message) Capabilities
          • Retargeting Capabilities
          • Full Website Integration

What Are The Silentsalesman 2.0 Core Services?

Review and Reputation Management: To say online reviews are important would be the understatement of the year. Don't believe me? Studies have shown that 92 % of consumers now read online reviews with 88 % of them incorporating reviews into their purchasing decision. Furthermore, Google reviews have a direct impact on organic rankings and ad spends.

Silentsalesman has streamlined the review process so you can easily collect and manage Google or Facebook reviews from your clients. Did you know that you have an 85 % percent chance of netting a positive review after a transaction with a customer? This is the perfect time to pull out your phone and send them a well crafted request for review through your Silentsaleman portal. Unfortunately, if you wait even a week to request a review your probability is reduced to 1 %.

Customer Relationship Management: The customer relationship management module is at the CORE of Silentsalesman. Here's how it breaks down:

          • Schedule appointments and confirmations
          • Send one-to-one and one-to-many email broadcasts.
          • Send exclusive email offers to a segment, group or at the point of sale.
          • Create notes.
          • Create client accounts and share select information with clients (they get their own login). Clients can also comment and make requests through their account.
          • Create tasks.
          • Create projects.
          • Delegate/assign to other team members.
          • Nudge customers with reinforcing messages and advertisements validating their vendor selection.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Silentsalesman 2.0 is designed to do the heavy lifting for you. Growing a business is hard enough on it's own, let our Silentsalesman take care of the day to day tasks so you can spend more time on building the company you deserve. Reach out today to our Airdrie team by filling out our contact form below, calling us directly, texting us at (587) 317-7847 or by filling out a Know My Prospect form to jump ahead of the line.

Email Marketing & Drips: A prospect is interested in doing business with you. Through a simple form, you are able to send a pre-designed email. This is a loaded email that contains comprehensive information about your organization with multiple call to actions prompting site visits, redirects to Google reviews and brochure downloads. Although effective, this approach must be augmented with follow up drip emails. We designed drip emails to synthesize and granulize the primary touch point into bite-sized components. The Silent Salesman mailer is comprised of:

          • Drip Marketing Tools
          • Dynamic Sales Funnels
          • Automated Referral Tool
          • Public review landing page & Re-targeting
          • One or two way SMS
          • One to many email blasts
          • Customizable emails for all communication alerts and notifications in the customer relationship management pipeline
          • Email marketing is important but tedious. Through our intuitive design and automation process, we ensure you are equipped with the benefits, without the burden of the operationalization and maintenance.

Lead Generation & Management: The Silent Salesman was designed to help, streamline, automate and significantly minimize the burden of sales activities in an easy to use, intuitive interface. Here's how it works:

A lead indicates they are interested in working with you online or over the phone. You open Silentsalesman, create a lead, populate three fields to automate your customer's journey as follows:

          • They receive a custom message in a meticulously branded email.
          • Opening the email triggers a weekly drip email (n=4) and subtle nudges throughout the Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook and Facebook Ad Network with single company value points.

Each time you log into Silent Salesman, you will be able to review your lead list, update their account with files, attachments, and correspondence and set email/in portal reminders for follow up. During our proof of concept, our clients report a 35% improvement in close rates and 75% of prospects reported the workflow (email, drip, ad nudges, Google reviews) had a significant impact in their decision-making process in terms of competitor differentiation and level of engagement.

Website Integration:
Silentsalesman 2.0 has the ability to be set up as a stand alone product or snapped on to the back end of your Website for complete integration and ease of use. One ecosystem, one hub. We consolidate all of your Marketing needs into one intuitive platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes us different from other CRM's on the Market?

A: Comparing us to other CRM's on the Market is like comparing an apple to a fruitbasket. We are your full Marketing Department in a box. Using Silentsalesman creates a synergystic approach to your business that you just can't achieve with multiple platform subscriptions.

Q: How does Silentsalesman achieve higher email open rates as compared to it's competitors?

A: The average email open rate is between 20-25 % rate on it's own. A text message has an open rate of 98 %. Your Silentsalesman platform layers your emails with a well crafted SMS (text message) which in turn drives your open rates up between 60-70 % which results in quicker conversions, more sales and more revenue for your business.

Q: Does Silentsalesman integrate with my Calendars and my Website?

A: Absolutely. Silentsalesman intergrates with your Google or Outlook Calendars. We have the ability to snap Silentsalesman onto the back end of your Website to automatically populate contact forms and submissions to customer profiles. From there, we give you the ability to target those customers with specific emails, drips and re-targeting campaigns.

Q: Can I text my customers and leads through the Silentsalesman platform?

A: Our research has shown that next to Email the preferred method of communication is text messaging. Having SMS capabilities allows you to connect with prospective customers in a way that fits their lifetstyle and humanizes your brand. It also maintains a repository of all communications during the sales and customer journey. Silentsalesman is built in with a 2 way real time SMS (text messaging) system so you can run your business to its full potential.

Q: Can I upload my current Email list into the Silensalesman CRM?

A: Yes, no matter the size of your email list we have the capability to bulk upload your current email list into your new Silentsalesman CRM so you can carry on with your business as usual.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

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