Why Bother with Blogging?

Entrepreneurs Are Busy... Is Blogging Really Worth the Effort?

Why Bother with Blogging?

Having a website is more than just a pretty piece of digital real estate. Google is the largest advertising agency in the world, and relevant content creation is how you are going to show them you are the BOSS!

Our websites are the Aston Martin and your SEO packed content is the premium fuel. Is your website bringing in as many customers as you would like?

How Does Blogging Affect my Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Blogging at least once a week does a few things for your Search Engine Optimization:

1) It allows you to pack your SEO keywords into your website.

2) It allows you to drive traffic to your website by sharing valuable content with your audience.

3) It demonstrates your authority on a subject matter relevant to your business.

We encourage our clients to set aside an hour a week to write a blog post, but if that isn't something they want to do we offer professional blog writing services also.

Your SEO Keyword Strategy is important, and blogging is a simple way to sprinkle keywords into your content. You want your website to communicate with Google effectively, so Google can move you up in the organic search rankings.

Proper SEO also allows you to be found by customers who are looking for you, by demonstrating to Google, and prospective customers that you are a subject matter Authority.

Blog Writing is For More Than Foodies and Travel Vloggers!

Remember that writing blogs and providing great, readable content for your prospective customers is not only important, but it is necessary.

If you want your Airdrie Small Business to show up on Google then you need to have a solid SEO packed website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I Blog?

A: Blog at least twice a month, but more is always better.

Q: How do I know what keywords to use for my SEO?

A: At StyleLabs we do more than just beautiful website design. We put extensive research into your SEO strategy and we base our content on the keywords we determine to be important to your business.

Q: How will this help with my overall Marketing?

A: As mentioned, blogging is not only for your SEO, but it also provides value and brand awareness with your potential customers.

Who We Are

Who We Are

StyleLabs is a Digital Marketing company that specializes in Website Design, SEO and Digital Strategy. With a strong background in Market Research combined with our cutting edge technology we've been able to rank over 90% of our clients on the 1st page of Google for over 10 keywords. Serving Small Businesses in Airdrie, AB and surrounding areas for over a decade.

Reach Out! We've Got Your Back!

At StyleLabs our team has the experience, the resources and the passion to help you and your business get the edge it deserves. Contact our team today to book your free consultation! You can reach out to our team by filling out our contact form below or calling us directly at (587) 880-3358 , or by filling out a Know My Prospect form to jump ahead of the line.

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